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Qube Digital Cinema Now In Malaysia via D’ Cinema Sdn Bhd
Tuesday March 06, 2012

The World’s Largest Digital Cinema Mastering Service


When you see a movie on the screen, you can tell by experience if it looks good or doesn’t. But what are the actual factors that determine the movie’s quality on the screen? The main technical parameters to look at are the brightness of the image, the resolution or sharpness, the colour range and the contrast ratio.


The brightness of an image is easy to see and measure. It is necessary to attain at least the same brightness and have an even illumination across the screen without any drop in the brightness on the edges of the screen.


Meanwhile, the resolution of an image is easy to see and also shows in the sharpness of the images on the screen. A film print typically is capable of a resolution of about 750 lines on the screen when projected with a high-quality 35 mm film projector and a relatively new lens so a digital projector that has a resolution of 1,280 lines horizontally is sufficient to produce sharpness that is equal to or better than a typical film print. Projectors that use a lower horizontal resolution cannot produce sharpness that rivals a film print.


Simultaneously goes to the colour gamut of a projector is the range of colours that the projector is capable of producing on the screen. As far as sound is concerned, cinema screens are being played with stereo sound.


Qube Digital Cinema has brilliantly came out with a passion for cinema and a thorough understanding of film, video, audio and computer technology along with vast experience in the production, post-production and exhibition industries - a unique combination of expertise that has helped in the development of the company's digital cinema technology.


Qube Digital Cinema is now committed in creating a seamless world of Digital Cinema with products that are innovative, powerful, reliable and cost-effective.


Nonetheless, the largest of screens are a great place to start when it comes to showing off innovations and improvements.


Highlighting the benefits of Qube Digital Cinema, that is now able to provide a stunning experience in 2D and 3D Digital 2K cinema format even on larger cinema screens.


End-to-End Digital Cinema Solutions from Qube


What is the difference between D-Cinema and E-Cinema?


How about sound quality in Digital Cinema?

Digital Cinema’s surround sound is better than what cinemas have today. Qube Digital Cinema Audio Mastering actually has channels of 24-bit 48KHz or 96KHz sound and best of all, the sound is uncompressed and even available in 5.1, DTS and Dolby Digital.


The Malaysian film industry may not be as prominent as Hollywood, but it is still alive and kicking. Thus, Qube Mastering facilities has arrived in Malaysia to boost up the quality of Malaysian movies production that will bring amazement not only to Malaysian audiences nevertheless leave up to the standards of world cinema.


D’ Cinema Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s first and the only exclusive division of Qube Digital Cinema. D’ Cinema Sdn Bhd founder, Mr. Maraz is well prepared to guide and educate all Malaysian film makers with the Qube Mastering facilities.


Mr. Maraz has always been a personality at the forefront of digital cinema technology and offers the most extensive product line in the Malaysian industry for various types of cinema screens from the compact and budget-friendly transformation.


Be it Malay, Chinese or Tamil movie content, if you have produce movies in this formats (4.3, 16.9, HD 1080, Red Camera 2K & 4K, Film 35mm, Super 35mm, H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, VC1, CineForm, DCI JPEG2000), your movies are ready to be converted into 2D and 3D Digital 2K cinema format in Qube with cinema audio mastering (5.1, DTS, Dolby Digital).


D’ Cinema Sdn Bhd aims to strengthen the standard of Malaysian film industry with Qube System in Malaysia; we can now make a change in Malaysian Film Industry to protect copyright and no piracy in future.


If you have the passion, we have the technology.

For more information, log in to www.dcinema.biz; e-mail to askmaraz@gmail.com or Call/SMS HP: +6 019 2007766




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