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Malaysian Sanggathi
Muni Tharisanam Movie Pooja, 16 May 2012 at Kortumalai Pillayar Temple
Wednesday May 16, 2012


Director: P Rameesh

Producer: DTS. S Indran

Movie Qube Digital Screening & Qube Mastering facilities: Maraz 

Movie Shooting Equipment: D’ Cinema Sdn Bhd (www.dcinema.tv)

Starring: SHASI ABAS, MATHAN, Kristina Vinokree, AKSHARA, KS. MANIAM, GUNSE & Sathis Rao 





























D’ Cinema Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s first and the only exclusive division of Qube Digital Cinema Screening & Qube Mastering facilities. For more info; log into www.dcinema.tv




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Malaysian Sanggathi
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